Nightlife Guide is composed of travel writers living in different parts of the world. Like most of travelers at heart, we also like to spend a fun time out, relax, and have a nice drink with friends in a fine bar, have a wild night out in a nightclub, or sample foods in different eateries. This is the main reason we came out with the idea to develop a website where we can share our travel experience with others.

partyWe feature some of the best nightlife cities in the world. From the most reputed and exclusive spots to the most discrete but buzzing ones, you will find here nightlife cities that are worth a detour. But is more than just a simple directory of the best places to experience nightlife. We also help you decide where to go, what to do, what to see, and what to eat for a truly memorable nightlife experience.

So what makes for an excellent party city? Based on our experience, a city a worthy of all tomorrow’s parties offers a chic and unique bars and nightclubs, cool and friendly people, happening restaurants, diverse music festivals, and exciting activities.

rio-at-nightFrom London to Bangkok, Paris to Tel Aviv, New York to Rio de Janeiro, Montreal to Johannesburg, these nightlife hotspots provide you with a wide range of earthly reasons to attract your head in one tempting direction: toward the search of pleasure.

But we think that makes for a great nightlife city is highly subjective, and while having the distinction involves factors such as the number of options available, the indescribable but all-important city spirit is also central. is primarily a venue for night owls to be informed about the best nightlife destination. It is a place for travelers who party hard, enjoy good music, fine drinks, good food wherever they are.