Despite what many people think, there is no need for you to spend your entire life savings just to have a great nightlife experience in the city you are planning to visit. Here are some helpful tips for a cheap nightlife adventure.

If you are heading to a bar or a club, find out whether it has a happy hour and what time this happy hour is. Many nightlife establishments run happy hours during weekdays, the time when you will find discounts and great deals on most drinks and other services.

Students have mastered the art of thrift, so go to their hangouts and you are guaranteed to have a budget-friendly nightlife experience. Student union bars are amazingly cheap, although you will need a student card in order for you to get in. If you do not have one, try hanging out at the venues surrounding a university.

ladies-nightIf you are a woman, check out ladies nights. Sorry guys, this one is for the girls only. Many bars and nightclubs run Ladies Nights once a week where girls, for being girls, get free entry.

Some bars and clubs charge entry fees at peak times, so your best bet to save money and avoid paying such fee is to go before the charge kicks in. Yes, the establishment might be empty at early hours, but it will soon fill up. One of the major advantages of getting early is that you will not have to queue forever for a drink.

Like their student counterparts, backpackers have also elevated living on a budget as a fine art. So here’s what you need to do: befriend a backpacker as her or she is your key to an inexpensive night out. You can also visit the bars and clubs attached to youth hostels where drinks are insanely cheap.

Many major cities around the world (such as London, Paris, New York, Tokyo) are 24-hour cities. So if you are peckish after your low-cost night out, go to a late-night eatery to pick up an inexpensive but delightful snack.