Sports Bars

The uninitiated see all sports bars as the same. They see pods of goofy guys drinking and sitting around making heated arguments about a boring game that can be seen on multiple TV screens. They say the food is not good, the dudes are dumb as stones, and have egos the size of North America.

sports-barBut it is all perspectives. For sports enthusiasts who frequent sports bars to watch their favorite game, going to such venues is not a stupid thing. It is like nerds who make libraries their second home, beach bums who want to showcase their pecs and tans, or party animals who hit the hottest nightlife spot in town.

Sports bars are venues that bring together people who have passion for sports, and socializing with fellow enthusiasts. Each space has different atmosphere, hours, foods, drinks, amenities, and set of people.

It is well known that nothing compliments the pageantry of sporting like getting drunk. A little bit (or more) of alcohol and watching a game work in unison to make our lives worth living.  Alcohol is like the béarnaise sauce to sports enthusiasts’ steak; they do not really need it to enjoy their meals but it does take their sports bar experience to the next level.

So when you are in a foreign land and plan to go to a sports bar to watch your favorite game, you must make sure that the bar serves a wide range of drinks to choose from. Look for one that offers a full bar and beers on tap to fuel you through game time. If you are tight on budget, make sure that the one you intend to go to offer affordable drinks.

sports-bar2Another consideration when choosing a sports bar to go to is time and food. If you need to go out late at night, go for a bar that has late-night kitchen hours. Along with numerous strategically placed TV screens for you to watch your game no matter where you are sitting, late-night kitchen hours will help your hunger pangs long after many sports bar cooks have called it a night.

Boneless wings, french fries, pork chop, chicken barbecue, and pizza are some of the foods usually served at a sports bar. Yes, they are greasy, but who cares – as long as you enjoy watching a game with the company of your buddies.