Strip Clubs

A strip club is for individuals who are in for fun. At this kind of night life establishment, people want a display of excess where they can have the power being served, as long as they have the money. Here are some of the world’s top strip clubs:

lapdanceHot Lap Dance
Location: New York, New York

Brushing aside the agony of watching hot chicks while surrounded by a group of many other horny dudes, this club zeroes in on the private lap dance. Hot Lap Dance consistently rates as one of the hottest venues for earthly escape in the country.

Night Flight
Location: Moscow, Russia

nightflight-moscowMoscow is a truly crazy and wild city, especially for strangers. But this Swedish-run strip club does its very best to make every guest feel like a royalty by tickling all their senses. Night Flight is actually a restaurant, a cigar lounge, a night club, and a strip club rolled into one exciting venue.. The motto is: “Nightflight: Do It Tonight.”

Le Crazy Horse
Location: Paris, France

Like Moulin Rouge, Le Crazy Horse is a classic Parisian strip joint that combines cabaret with wicked behavior. In stages of undress, gorgeous women bathe themselves and dance as flappers. They also swing together in an erotically choreographed laser-light show.

seventh-heavenSeventh Heaven
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Seventh Heaven is patterned after occidental strip clubs. Ladies come from different ethnic backgrounds – Asian, European, and American – so it is perfect for the traveling person who is out to have a blast.

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is world renowned as a sin city. Rub-and-tugs and strip clubs dot the city. Chez Paree used to be a favorite spot for high-rolling tourists and hockey players. But the times have changed, and Wanda’s has become the city’s best spot to sit back, relax, and and let the female form blow you away.

K5-relaxK5 Relax
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world Women her have feral qualities to their Slavic features. One of the more popular strip clubs in the city is K5 Relax. It doubles your excitement by combining a hip strip club with a built-in escort service.