There are many reasons why nightlife is more satisfying when you are on travel: Nobody knows who you are; everyone looks exotic; and you do not have to report to work the next morning. But if you are traveling during summer, make sure not to waste your time sipping a bland local beer while making faces at badly dressed dudes dancing to foreign-language rap.

Below is a quick look at some of the sexiest summer nightlife destinations:

cuckoo-clubThe Cuckoo Club
Location: London

The chic Cuckoo Club in Mayfair is basically a members-only club, but it is not always list-or-bust, unlike many other clubs in London. Gain entry and you will find creative food, pumping music, and perhaps the best-looking crowd in the city.

la-voile-rougeLa Voile Rouge
Location: St. Tropez

St. Tropez is where French people leave their traditionally buttoned-up social mores behind, and the Riviera’s most famous beach club, La Voile Rouge, is designed for excess. Notorious Champagne wars, hot people dancing on tables, and fashion shows where in you buy the clothing off the models all take place right on the sand. The party does not stop day and night.

Anema e Core
Location: Capri

Close to the Hotel La Palma off La Piazzetta in Capri, a modest doorway leads guests to one of Italy’s jolliest taverns.
Consistently bumping up against its capacity of around 500 persons, Anema e Core is a spirited alternative to clubland.

Location: Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s nightlife is unfortunately underrated, but with the consistent stream of rich locals and expats looking for ways to shell out cash, it is consistently fun, stylish, and surprisingly friendly. Since its opening in 2004, the 5,000-square-foot Volar club has been attracting a good-looking mash-up of locals and tourists, all looking to have fun and link up.

haoman-17Haoman 17
Location: Tel Aviv

When things get turbulent in the region, Israelis have that much more steam to blow off. Mandatory army service also guarantees a populace that’s young, fit, and with sexual energy to burn. Haoman 17 is the country’s largest club, with an outpost here and an original in Jerusalem.

Carpe Diem
Location: Croatia

The Dalmatian Islands bring hard-playing Croats, topless Italians atop yachts, and a very few in-the-know Yanks. Hvar is the island known for the most hedonistic nightlife, and this port-side party palace is filled with hammocks, giant cushions, and taut bodies.