Wine Bars

Wine bars are tavern-like establishments that sell wine, rather than beer or liquour. A usual feature of a wine bar is its wide selection of wines that are available by the glass. Many wine bars are known on wines of a particular type of origin, like Champagne or Italian wine.

wine-barsAlthough many wine bars all over the world are private stand alone bars, they can be, in some cases, associated with a certain wine retailer or other wine outlet, to provide extra marketing for the retailer’s wine portfolio. Some countries where licensing regulations allow this have wine bars that also sell the wines they are serving and functions as a wine bar and a wine shop hybrid.

Europe is home to some of the best wine bars in the world. History has it that wine bars originated in ancient Rome. In fact, exquisite mosaics have beem unearthed depicting wine bar scenes in Pompeii before tha A.D. 79 eruuption of Mount Vesuvius.

wine-bars2Across the European continent, wine-themed bars are not only buzzing, they are also evolvong. Of course, if you want traditional wine bars, you can still find many low-lit and cozy hideouts. But a new bunch of vino-centric hangout placess is turning the traditional idea upside down by combining impressive bottles with high-design interiors and high-concept cuisine.

Just enter Le Bar à Vin du CIVB in Bordeaux and you are likely to shake off any of your preconceived notion of a “wine bar.” Neoclassical pillars and very high ceilings give this wine bar breathing room and formality, while original artwork and pebble-shaped chairs add whimsy and nice accent. What’s great about many wine bars in Europe is their top flight selection of wines, not to mention many offering wines at a very reasonable price.

Today, the top wine bars in Europe and in the rest of the world have one common denominator – variety. Variety of wines offered, price points, and staffers with broad knowledge in wine are essential.

In the United States the wine bar trend only gained momentum in the 1990s. Since then, wine bars have became extremely popular and started mushrooming in many metropolitan neighborhoods in America. Such bars are now competing with favorite hangouts like local bars and coffee shops.

Wine bars today put a new twist on wine tasting, removing the association of these drinks with high-class clients and head spinning wine lists and replacing it with a more relaxing and casual atmosphere. Modern wine bars are now furnished with cozy booths and nooks in plush surroundings and rich colors.