World’s Sexiest Bars and Clubs

An authentic sexy bar is really hard to find and even to define. For starters, it helps if your fellow party animals are super-stylish, über gorgeous or at least scantily clad. The romantic aura of an exotic venue helps, too. And the fact that you are a stranger to be considered as exotic can pump up your hotness score tenfold.

Yes, music also helps, be it an ear drum shattering brilliant sound that keeps you grinding and bumping with a hot local all night long or a seductive accompaniment to the sweet things you are whispering to your date. To give you an idea what makes a sexy bar, we have tracked down some of the world’s sexiest bars. Here they are:

bellini-barBellini Bar
Location: Hôtel du Cap Eden-Roc, Antibes, France

It is at this swanky shrine for the super rich where you are likely to spot a glittering Paris Hilton and a drenched Brandon Davis in mega party mode, or a tipsy Sienna Miller doing thumb-wrestling with Bono. By day, Bellini Bar is a deluxe lounge that overlooks the magnificent Mediterranean, where you can munch on spiced nuts while skimming the beautiful horizon. At night, especially when the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival draw a huge international crowd, it transforms into the hottest spot in France.

buzz-beach-barBuzz Beach Bar
Location: Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Sometimes it takes a travel novice to circle the globe to fully know what makes a sexy bar. Sure, the clubs in Amsterdam and the raves in Goa are exciting, but they can be the night out equivalent to a one-night stand. The Buzz Beach Bar in Ölüdeniz is different. It has big and comfy booths that overlook the shimmering Aegean Sea and the far-off Babadağ Mountains, providing an ideal spot for beach bums to drink cocktails and see the sunset (hang gliders compete for attention).

denis-dimachevDenis Simachëv
Location: Moscow, Russia

Moscow is home to the world’s largest grouping of gorgeous women. Not New York, not Brazil, but Moscow. On any given night, you can find a great sampling of these goddesses clad in skimpy jeans and spiked heels at Denis Simachëv, partying hard with their chums in paperboy caps and suits. Beyond these show-stoppers, though, it is a sultry hotspot in its own right.

denis-dimachevDino’s Beach Bar
Location: Tofo, Mozambique

In recent years, Mozambique has gained the character as a bush-meets-beach nirvana. As tourism grows, more and more wealthy South Africans, shirtless Aussies, and European weekenders, are heading to charming resort villages like Tofo. The fun begins at sundown, and when you are starting to feel the nightlife beat, a bar staff will break out the bongos and tempt all the boys and girls to make their moves on the dance floor.

Giardino d’Inverno
Location: Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan, Italy

Milan gets invaded in September every year. This is the time when the city’s fashion shows kick in and suck in an international crunch of statuesque and stunning models and the fabulous people who run the entire flashy shebang. The best place to see and be seen? The Giardino d’Inverno at the Principe di Savoia hotel.

le-ti-stbarthsLe Ti St. Barth
Location: St. Barths

Nikki Beach may be more famous, but the megarich-club people always kick off the party at this veiled hilltop venue.  The tiki torch lighting and the dark wooden furniture give it a posh boudoir feeling – certainly, the on-site small boutique that sells rabbit-fur bathrobes is not out of place. The spell of European beats transforms the place into a party central at around 10 in the evening when everyone has finished off their Nymph Thighs dessert.

Moon Bar
Location: Banyan Tree Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is well deserving of its “Land of a Thousand Smiles” moniker. And you will be smiling, too, once you get to experience nightlife at Moon Bar, 61 stories above the city’s frenzied streets. You will be treated with impressive 360-degree views over the Chao Phraya River, Emerald Buddha, and Grand Palace.

Location: New York City

You will probably have a hard time locating the unmarked, graffiti-filled door to the Nublu Bar on Avenue C in East Village in Manhattan. And once you find it, you might not want to enter this Brazilian bar. But take a risk and pay the $10 cover fee, and you will find yourself enthralled by the attractive people lost in samba on the hot dance floor.

nuth-loungeNuth Lounge
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mix in together a horde of hot and tanned bodies, a potent caipirinha, and some sexy samba beats and you will find that Nuth Lounge is pretty much an epitome of a sexy bar. You will have to travel around 25 minutes west of Copacabana Beach and traverse the sprawling jungle of residential towers in order to reach this two-story hotspot. But boy, it is worth all your effort.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

To the inexperienced, a night visit to Shalvata seems in conflicts with what most think about the Holy Land. You will be surprised to see striking Israeli women doing sexy stuff on the seaside dance floor. Israeli women are not just insanely gorgeous, they are also tough and sophisticated at the same time – and that makes them really hot.