World’s Weirdest Bars

Here are some of the world’s strangest bars:

the-baobab-tree-barBaobab Tree Bar & Wine Cellar
Country: South Africa

This bar defines weird – it is housed in the hollow trunk of a ginormous ancient baobab tree (about 6,000 years old). Having a cocktail in this will give you an elemental and surreal experience. The tree’s cavity is cool, in contrast with the extreme heat of the country’s Limpopo province.

cave-barCave Bar
Country: Jordan

The 2,000-year-old city of Petra in Jordan has a cave zoned for commercial use. Tucked inside is, strangely, a bar. Its walls are part of an ancient tomb that was carved by the Nabataeans. Some seats are tucked into what are believed to be individual burial niches.

pelican-barFloyd’s Pelican Bar
Country: Jamaica

Floyd’s Pelican Bar looks like this: a mass of palm fronds and driftwood assembled together on stilts out in the wide ocean. Sitting about a mile off the southwestern coast of Jamaica in Parottee Bay, this bar has its swimsuit-clad guests stand around waist-deep in the crystal-clear  water.

Lagoon Bar
Country: Iceland

The 1.6-million-gallon Blue Lagoon in Iceland is popular to people who are looking for a soothing heat. With an abundance of minerals, the Blue lagoon also has a bar. Bikini-sporting waitresses bring trays of cocktails and other drinks while you are soaked in the 100-degree water.

logo-alux-restaurant-loungeAlux Restaurant & Lounge
Country: Mexico

Alux Restaurant & Lounge makes it to the list of the world’s strangest bars because it is located below the surface of the earth. This subterranean establishment near Playa del Carmen spreads throughout a complex system of caverns. And if you are lucky, you might spot a fabled prank-playing “little people” of the Mayan lore, who are believed to inhabit these caverns.

Absolut Icebar
Country: Sweden

This bar is open only from the middle of December to the middle of April. The Absolut Icebar, in northern Sweden’s charming Jukkasjärvi village, holds steady at about 23 degrees. The bar’s motto is not “on the rocks” but “in the rocks.”

menorca_xoroiCova d’en Xoroi
Country: Spain

Cova d’en Xoroi is famous for its odd location – in a cave more than 33 yards above the ocean in the edge of a cliff in Spain’s southern Menorca. It is believed to be the den of a Turkish pirate, who stole a maiden from the village to be his wife. Patrons are treated with the magnificent views from the Balearic Island out over the Mediterranean.