When you accidentally find yourself in a night club chatting with Kevin Spacey about music, rubbing elbows with Paris Hilton, or hanging out with Josh Hartnett, it is easy to believe that you are in one of the best nightlife spots in the world.

paris-nightlifeMany excellent nightlife scenes are concentrated in some megacities. New York nightlife is only second to none. It is so full of life it is unbeatable. Try to experience it and you will get addicted to it. You must also experience the nightlife environment in Paris and London. You will find everything you want there – from top pubs, bars, and night clubs with all types of trendy music to theater to orchestra, ballet, opera, and other high culture.

So what makes a great nightlife scene? While celebrities and other famous personalities certainly add to the prestige and perceived quality of nightlife hotspots, there are many other factors that contribute to their popularity.

A great nightlife is characterized by people who always know how to have fun, spirited people who really know how to revel and party hard like there is no tomorrow. Another factor is music. A club that features the best DJ in the world is sure to get royal treatment. Architecture is another. Party animals want a nightlife establishment with good plan, lighting, ventilation, etc. Last but not the least, affordability.

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