With a population of more than 1000 million, Africa is a continent that offers tourists variety, where great nightlife activities are possible, a continent with cities that will surely give you a holiday of a lifetime. While Africa is an extremely diverse place with endless contrasts, from jungle to desert and from safari plains to beaches, there is something for every tourist who look forward to enjoying a night out.

morocco-nightlifeCountries such as Libya and Tunisia on the Mediterranean coast, Morocco on the Atlantic coast, Egypt on the Red Sea, Kenya and Tanzania that border the Indian Ocean, and interior countries like the Congo and Sudan – the continent has something for everyone, with every destination offering tourist complexes and luxurious hotels that support thriving nightlife scenes. Each place from to Nairobi to Dar-es-Salaam and from Cape Town to Zanzibar has its full range of nightlife atmosphere ready to welcome tourists to the beyond beautiful African continent.

You can squeeze your nightlife activities in between exploring African gems, trekking the Namib or the Sahara Desert, going on safari, or climbing the picturesque Mount Kilimanjaro. Each nightlife venue has its own personality to suit it, creating an amusing network of entertainment that suits every style, taste, and genre imaginable.

johannesburg-nightlifeSouth Africa is one of the African countries with the liveliest nightlife scenes. Whether you find yourself in a township, in a city suburb, or in downtown, chances are there will be nightlife venues within easy driving (or walking) distance. You will find bars and nightclubs in every city and town. In Johannesburg, spend more time in enjoying the pubs, clubs, and restaurants, especially the ones located in Melville’s Seventh Street and inner city’s revived Newtown, which features museums, art galleries, and night clubs.

If Johannesburg is Africa’s nightlife capital in the South, Marrakech in Morocco is the nightlife capital of the northern part of Africa. Here, you will encounter young Europeans mixed with more affluent Moroccans at any of Marrakech’s major nightclubs and bars. The city’s heartbeats get wild and crazy when the sun sets, signaling the start of an exciting nightlife. Theatro and Le Comptoir Darna remain two of Marrakech’s most glamorous nightlife hotspots.

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