Asia is undeniably the most diverse and exciting continent in the world and it brims with great nightlife and entertainment scenes. If you are visiting this continent, you will be amazed at how vivacious its nightlife scene is. Five-star hotels in many cities feature high-end bars and nightclubs, where live entertainment is accompanied by immaculately put-together drinks. Asian cities offer a nice mix of upscale venues and establishments laced with a dash and sleaze of sauciness.

There are so many exciting and out of this world things to do in this colorful continent that you will suffer from severe headache just planning where to go. Well, there are million places to partay!

seoulFrom the karaoke bars of Manila, the ritzy bars in Shanghai and Tokyo, the fashionable districts in Seoul, the go-go bars in Pattaya, the night markets and mouth-watering dim sum in Hong Kong, to late-night fun in Bali and bar top dancing at Kuala Lumpur – Asia is definitely the place to be if you are after unique nightlife entertainment.

singapore-nightlifeTourists can be found knocking back beers in many bars and cafes, popular because of their appealing prices and chilled-out ambience. Many spots in major cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur are considered to be fashionable areas favored by trendy media types and hip young professionals.

If you want to experience nightlife in a beach, your best bet is to visit island provinces in Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as Thailand. Avoid major Asian cities if you want to fill your vacation with peace and serenity. But if you are game with all the craziness and loudness, then experience the authentic Asian nightlife in the big cities. Needless to say, there is no shortage of place with a huge concentration of live music venues, with jazz, ballads, grunge, soul, and classic rock bands.

Pubbing and clubbing and partying all night is a must if you want to feel the pulse of the Asian destination you want to visit; experience the place only by sunup and you get only half of the colorful picture.