Nightlife in many European cities is among the best in the world. It is so full of life that cities anywhere else struggle to beat it. You will find everything you want as night owl in this vivacious continent. From top pubs, bars, and night clubs with all types of trendy music to theater to high culture (orchestra, ballet, opera) worthy of the royals, Europe is the best place to have a nightlife blast.

london-pubTrendy pubs and bars
Major European cities like Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, and Dublin have got the best when the sun goes down. They are teeming with age-old nocturnal tradition with a touch of ultimate trendiness. Excellent pubs and bars, from public hangouts to exclusive celebrity ones, dot every major city.

You can find the best wine and beer in Europe. Not only that, the nightlife in the continent has a very unique character, just go to a traditional Irish pub and you will see this special character. Entry to most pubs and bars is free, although you may be charged for nights when live acts perform.

euroclubVibrant club scene
The Euro club scene is unparalleled. With hundreds of really lively venues, it has reached peak levels. Even Sunday nights will provide you with a wide variety of dance and music. The continent houses some of the globally famed night clubs.

Many nightlife establishments have been in Europe for centuries. They are filled with an aura of glamor as well as thriving gay scenes, especially in Amsterdam. So make sure to party all night long when you visit a European city.

theaterWorld-class theater
The theatrical life in Europe, especially in London and Paris, has been buzzing long before the time of Shakespeare. Europe has many musicals playing, especially in the West End, the continent’s theater caoital.

What’s more, many theaters offer discounted tickets. Definitely, nightlife in Europe will interest those who crave for theater. If you are into high culture, Europe also has something in store for you.