Central America

Vivacious and diverse cultures dance on this skinny land-bridge between North America and South America. Central America is dotted with majestic volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, and other natural resources, making it the one of the top destinations for nightlife activities and fun in all of Latin America.

Central America usually refers as Latin America, or at least the region’s northern part. It includes the countries of Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, and Belize. If you are looking for nightlife and adventures of a different flavor than North America or Europe, then this region is definitely the spot you should visit.

Many people who visit Central America start with upscale eco-lodges in Costa Rica or highlands villages with moonshine-drinking saints and Mayan ruins in Guatemala. The Caribbean side boasts pristine white-sand shores and the colorful cultures of Belize, the Corn Islands (Nicaragua), and the Bay Islands (Honduras). These are all great places not only for cheap dives with stingrays and sharks, but also for wild and crazy nightlife where visitors enjoy to booze and be merry all night long.

If you are into and nightlife and surfing, your best bet is to visit Central America’s rougher Pacific side, especially the surf villages in La Libertad in El Salvador, the breaks near Leon, Nicaragua, the Peninsula de Nicoya in Costa Rica. Colonial towns such as Antigua (Guatemala) and Grenada (Nicaragua) make nice kick-back spots with traditional handicrafts, local coffee brews, and hacienda-style B&Bs. Cities in this country also offer a nightlife scene that has its own character.

Central America offers world-class nightlife, given its diverse cultures and people. With a history that goes back thousands of years and the glorious days of the Aztecs and the Mayans, people in the northern part of Latin American really know how to party.