North America

North America has some of the best cities when it comes to the nightlife scene. Here are our five top nightlife city in North America:

lasvegasnightlifeLas Vegas
Las Vegas is still the best city to party like a rock star. A decade ago, it was notorious as a gambling haven. But it has dramatically changed into one of the world’s nightlife capitals. Roughly 40-million people visit Las Vegas each year for all-night concerts, crazy bachelor parties, and quickie weddings, of course.

joy-of-life-ny-nightlifeNew York
The Big Apple swoops in at our list of the best cities to visit for a nightlife. With about 8 million people, New York offers more restaurants and bars than Paris Hilton has suitors. Nothing can rival that. New hotspot pops up almost every day. Given the latest “secret bar” trend, it is hard to keep up with the ever-evolving drinking scene in Manhattan. Perhaps, try something different. You may want to stretch your vocal chords at a karaoke bar since such type of entertainment is the rage these days. You can sing “My Way” without getting heckled.

Montreal is a city that couldn’t be any “cooler.” Okay, so the spot is freezing six months every year, but think about this: Montreal is the only “French City” outside the European continent. It is more convenient than visiting Paris and it will cost you much less. If you visit this Canadian city in the summer or spring, you may never want to leave. Montreal is easily one of North America’s hardest-partying spots where gorgeous night owls, raging parties, and sexy clubs are the nightly activity.

You know you are in a jamming party city when you see Brazilian models shooting Sambuca at local eateries. This brings us to one of the top nightlife hubs in North America, Miami. It offers perfect weather and really nice hotspots that boast gorgeous seaside views of South Beach hotties party hard. In fact, Miami has been considered “America’s Riviera.”

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the biggest playground for young people and sexy singles in the world. But before you sling on your Jimmy Choos, you need to learn two things. First, velvet ropes are what tie the City of Angels together. So either get close to the doorman or prepare your first month’s rent on entry. Second, bars in the city close at 2 in the morning. It really sucks but you are assured that there is always an after party, and an after-after party, and so on.