Dress to Impress

One of the most important things to consider when hitting a nightlife hotspot is dressing appropriately. Sporting something too casual or too formal than the situation requires can ruin your night. So here are some tips that might help you when choosing what dress to wear:

women-dressingFor women
When going to a hotspot, is it better to undress or overdress? If you are a girl, well, there is no such thing as overdressing. But when in doubt, put on jeans and a nice pair of heels, and you are ready to go. You can’t go wrong with going in jeans, a cute top, and hot heels.

Will dressing slutty get you into a hot club? Well, a slutty dress could be your ticket to get in a hot club. People might not respect you, but if it does not concern you, then go with it. But if you feel like wearing a beautiful dress, then sport it by all means.

Avoid wearing something that will make you look like a tourist. You can tell a tourist from miles away if she is wearing completely dated clothes, like a neon-colored t-shirt that says “I love [insert name of city].” Also, a helpful tip is if you have never been in a mega city before, avoid wearing a prom dress. If you are only going out to a normal bar or club, you can always dress up, but not like you are attending the Oscars.

You could wear shorts to a nightlife hotspot. Generally, shorts are a very hip trend right now. Short shorts make your legs look longer, especially if it goes with the right heels. Just make sure that you can pull that off. The bag you bring depends on your outfit. Usually, designer bags are good. If you intend to dance and move around a lot, a smaller purse is recommended.

men-dressingFor men
Men who wear striped shirts at a nightlife hotspot are usually laughed at, so do not mistake of wearing one when you party. You can’t go wrong with a nicely fitting T-shirt and great pair of jeans. In some cities like Los Angeles, you can just get out of bed, throw on some shirt and shoes and you are ready to go. In New York or Paris, dress up more – wear a button-down, instead of a T-shirt.

If you do not want to appear like a tourist, avoid wearing khakis or pleated pants. Also do not show up with your shirt tucked, unless you want to look like you just came from a business event. Going corporate on a nightlife spot is so uncool.

Guys, we say no to shorts, especially in Paris or any other big city. If you are partying at a bar or club by the beach, yes you can wear shorts. But if you are going to formal bars in Rome or London or Hollywood, generally we would say no. You will not get in, unless you are Justin Timberlake or if you are a famous actor. Better stick to the pants and nice shirt and shoes.