Nightlife and Eating Out

When having a holiday, you biggest expenses will be accommodation, transportation, and food. We at look at some ways to save significant amount of money when dining out. If you want to eat cheap, you can always go to the supermarket or a local market. But the good thing is that you can eat at restaurants without draining your wallet.

eat-outFind a cheap place
Look for a place that offers great food at a price you are happy to pay. If you do not find menus displayed outside, go in and ask to see a menu before you sit down. You can always walk out if the food the restaurant offers is beyond your budget.

Drink less
Drinks take much of your bill. Asking for a glass of water is often acceptable. Just give booze a miss for an evening if it is too much. If you are travelling with a partner and have a very tight budget, you might want to share a drink. Sometimes, beer is cheaper than other drinks.

Look for specials
You may want to consider lunch as your main meal. Often there are daily specials. Eateries sometimes continue into the evening so ask.

extra-chargesWatch out for extra charges
Here’s a helpful tip when eating out on a budget. Do not assume that anything is free. It is always a good idea to ask. If you sense there are hidden costs or are unhappy with things, you can always leave before ordering.

Ask for small portions
If you are not too hungry, ask for small portions. You will probably get a significant discount. It can also save your digestion where servings are enormous.

tippingTip when you can
A major etiquette to observe when dining out is to give a tip. But this can be a problem if you have limited budget. Well, you do not have to leave 10% or 15% tip. You can round up the bill to the nearest euro or dollar.

Determine your budget before going out
Bad with money? Only take the money you plan to spend. Also bring your card for emergencies (a reminder: cocktail is not an emergency). Before you go out, make sure that you have an idea how things would cost you. Finding a cheap meal might enable you to get the dessert you are craving for.